2.00 Oval Diamond

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2.00 Carat Oval Diamond

  • Cut: Very Good
  • Clarity: VS
  • Color: G
  • Polish: EX
  • Symmetry: EX
  • Fluorescence: Strong
  • Culet: None

Diamond Cut: Very Good

Very Good cut diamonds display stunning sparkle. They have almost as much brilliance as an Ideal cut yet typically cost a bit less, best choice for engagement rings.

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Very Good


Diamond Color: E

Colorless. Can only be distinguished from D by a gemologist and pairs well with platinum, palladium, and white gold.





Diamond Clarity: VS1

Very Slightly Included.

At VSI, you may still not be able to see a few tiny imperfections upon close inspection.


Diamond Carat Weight: 2.0 ct

Carat is the measure of a diamond’s weight. It’s also related to size, though it’s not the only factor that determines how large your diamond looks. Depending on shape, weight distribution and cut quality, two diamonds with the same carat weight can be different sizes.



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